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Thank you for visiting J.M.E.A., a global ministry that is commissioned to win souls to Christ, mentor believers, and encourage others. Every week you will find us leading souls to Jesus, ministering inner healing and deliverance to those who have been bound, and mentoring women and men in the ministry!

Take time to peruse our website, and feel free to reach out if we can be of assistance to you.

Awaiting His Return,


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Join Jane at Any Ministry Event:

upcoming Ministry events

April 28th at 7PM​

The More of God Revival

Yes Lord Church, 630 N Bivins St, Amarillo, TX

Speakers: Cher Butler, Kasey Fuller and The Bound No More Team will be ministering

May 6th at 6PM

Leadership Deliverance Meeting

Grace and Mercy Fellowship Church

8650 N Golder, Odessa, TX

Speakers: Jane Morin & Cher Butler

May 7th at 10:00 AM

Kingdom's Gate

412 S Main St. Andrews, Texas

Evangelistic Meeting ( Bring the LOST!)

Evangelist Jane Morin

June 10th at 3PM-9PM

Bound No More Revival

(Deliverance meeting)

333 Apostolic Center

Amarillo, TX

Speakers: Bound No More Team

Sign up at:

jUNE 30- jULY 2nd

Revival at The Ranch

Rolling 7‘s Ranch Event Center e

11700 W County Rd 122, Midland, TX 79706

August 12 at 3PM

Bound No More Revival

(Deliverance meeting)

Templo Rey De Reyes

5210 N Dixie Blvd, Odessa, TX

Speakers; Bound No More Team

September 22, -23, 2023, Fri at 2:22,

and Saturday from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM


(you can come late if you need to but we recommend taking off work in advance so you don’t miss out)

Location: Kingdom’s Gate

1005 NW 2nd St, Andrews, TX

Jane Morin and the "Soar team"

learn more at:

October 27-29th, 2023



location: tba


Jane's testimony crushes the power of the enemy!

Take a listen now!!

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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

(Revelation 12:11)

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About Jane

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Connect with Jane online at:

Soar Texas Women's Events:

Remnant International Institute

"I have called you here to speak life into dead situations."


Jane Morin serves in the body of Christ in several capacities. As an evangelist and revivalist, she has traveled the globe sharing her life story and winning thousands to Jesus Christ. through crusades, revivals, street ministry, and more! She also is an award-winning author of over nine books and a contender for the faith, deliverance minister, and worship minister, as well as a cheerleader for the church. She is the overseer of the Jane Morin Evangelical Association and the co-founder of Bound No More, an inner healing and deliverance ministry. Jane has partnered with "I Will Not Be Silent" ministries so that she can offer additional deliverance resources. Additionally, in 2021, she founded Soar Texas Women's Events.

Jane has traveled overseas, sharing the hope of Jesus in Africa, Guatemala, Israel, and coast to coast here in the United States. Jane has also founded an equipping school of ministry called Remnant International Institute.

As an evangelist and revivalist, she is available for revivals, conferences, and preaching engagements. Jane, along with her husband, reside in the Permian Basin located in the western region of Texas.


"Bound No More" is a ministry of the Jane Morin Evangelical Association and I Will Not Keep Silent Ministries. Recently, we have partnered with "I Will Not Keep Silent Ministries" so that we can bring you monthly corporate (in-person) inner healing and deliverance services and quarterly online ZOOM meetings with our team of professionals!

Our deliverance team includes Jane Morin, Cher Butler, Ruthie Dickey, and Kasey Fuller

To learn more about this powerful inner healing and deliverance ministry, go to our website at:

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Ministry Resources

Jane Morin Evangelical Association offers an Inner Healing and Deliverance certification program through our school of ministry Remnant International Institute. Also, you can find teachings, inspirational videos, and other resources on YouTube.

Jane also is available for Spiritual Warfare Conferences/Revival. We say revival, because when folks learn their authority, they begin to walk in their destiny! To inquire, email us from our contact page.

The Weapons of Our Warfare Bible Study

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Once you order your Bible Study Book, we will email you the access key to all the videos!

As an award-winning author, Jane's other books can be found on Amazon.

Remnant International Institute

At Remnant International Institute (School of Ministry) we have been called to equip the saints. The days we live in as followers of Christ can be confusing, complicated, and confounding. Many have no idea what their spiritual calling is: and if they do know, they lack the understanding of how to do what God has called them to do.

At Remnant International, men and women, who are the chosen ones of God must get equipped and start walking in their God-given destiny! Through basic and deep foundational teachings, hands-on training, and our mentor-ship programs, we offer training that will encourage, enlighten and cause every believer to excel in what they are passionate about. If you want to be a bible teacher, an evangelist, or to work in inner healing and deliverance, this school is for you!

If you desire to be a better communicator, a better soul winner, or in church leadership, you cannot afford to ignore the needed training from those who have been in ministry for over forty years and more! If you have always wanted to start an online Bible Study or Christian Podcast, you can learn at RRI how to be successful in that media, as well. You will learn from teachers, who have poured into the body of Christ for decades and understand the commitment and the call to teach the untainted word of God.


When you look for a school of ministry, you can find many, but you won’t find anything like Remnant International. Why is that? Because we believe ministry is ministry, and the school should look nothing like the world. In many Christian schools or bible colleges, there is a bleed over of ethics and activities that compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At Remnant International, if an activity or teaching is not written about in the Bible, it will not take place on our campus.

Remnant International is a discipleship program that allows the young believer and the older saint to learn God-given principles of life, of ministry, and how to walk the Christian life victoriously. Too many Christians have failed to learn the basics of their faith. With that in mind, how can one contend for the faith if they have no perspective about what the Bible has to say regarding life, marriage, purity, holiness, righteousness, and most importantly, a relationship with Jesus Christ?

The REMNANT of God needs to awaken and get equipped and then find their rightful positions in the body of Christ and do that which God has called them to do without compromising the Gospel. Would you agree we have seen far too many teachers compromise the Word of God for mammon? Since when does the church depend on earthly systems to thrive?


If you are a follower of Jesus and have a heartbeat, you are called to be equipped, and that is so that you can equip others! The church is waning in these last days because the Church has made bible school a way to make money, instead of a way to expand the kingdom of God. It takes money to have a successful school, but it does not cost a fortune to train others in the ways of the Lord. It takes experience and a calling to equip.

Not everyone is called to equip, but everyone is called to know the Word and share it with others.

  • Have you ever wanted to lead a bible study or a bible conference?
  • Have you a heart of a missionary who desires to tell others about Christ?
  • Are you one who loves serving Christ in the church and in your community?
  • Do you want to be an inner healing and deliverance minister or a successful evangelist?

Maybe you answered yes to one of these questions, but you fill ill-prepared and dauntingly ignorant about God’s word or the calling on your life.

Remnant International Institute is a school of ministry that enables every believer to understand their calling and to walk in their God-given destiny with confidence. The church can no longer sit back and expect to be the CHANGE this lost world needs. No matter what Hollywood says, just because you build it, it does not mean they will come! We have staff members who walk in diverse gifting and callings and are able to not only teach you the deep truths of God's word but they are able to help you start the ministry that you are called to do. What will you need to do? Pray, make a commitment, and follow through.


One of the blessings of Remnant International is that we DO NOT charge a fee. You heard right! Now, just because there is no admission fee, it does not mean that classes are cheap. You must be an active member of a church and you must be passionate about the Word of God! Once you have completed the annual teaching in the field that you have chosen, there will be formal graduation and you will be licensed, ordained, and/or certified through Remnant International Institute in the ministry that you are passionate about. There are no shortcuts or fast-track programs. Most certificates are earned within six months. We follow the normal schedules for school programs in the United States. That means when the summer rolls around, school is out until August, and for Resurrection week! All school activities for the year are completed by the Fall time of every year with formal graduation!

ATTENTION!!!!! The three new classes offered this year require on-campus attendance. (Prophecy, Dream Interpretation and Evangelism Certification) The Deliverance Ministry Certification requires attendance on campus for the first 6 weeks, and the rest is online.

NOW is the time to get equipped and to get started doing what God has called you to do CHURCH! In 2023 we will offer classes in Prophecy, Dream Interpretation, and Evangelism. These classes will help you utilize your God-given gifts of prophetic, dreams, and evangelism and offer hands-on workshops for you to hone your spiritual gifts. These classes are designed for both men and women who desire to walk in their God-given authority and gifts. There are no fees for the classes, but at times, you may be required to purchase a book. If you desire to take more than one class, please let us know in the comment section of the registration form.

Registration for 2023 classes is now open!

Monday Classes 7PM

Deliverance Ministry Certification (3 Classes Required),

Spiritual Warfare Class, Registration Closed

Inner Healing Class (Online and on campus)

FALL CLASS: Deliverance Class (Online)

Tuesday Classes 7PM

Prophecy Class Registration Closed

Dream Interpretation Class (Online & On Campus)

FALL CLASS: Evangelism Certification Class

Evangelism Class (On Campus)

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